Sonntag, August 27, 2006

Mail von Bill

Wie Millionen andere hatte ich Bill Clinton zum 60. Geburtstag eine Online-Geburtstagskarte geschickt und fand gestern eine E-Mail von Bill Clinton in meiner Inbox. Auch wenn es automatisiert ist - ich fand es - call me cheesy - très nett:

Dear Ralf,

I was thrilled to receive your online card on my birthday. I'm truly grateful for your kind words. As I get older, I spend more and more time thinking about the future we're building for our children. My Foundation is working hard to make change in the world and improve the lives of millions of people, and you can be part of this critical endeavor.
The next year will bring many exciting developments from the Clinton Foundation, and I hope you will join our continuing efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS, global warming, childhood obesity, and many other critical issues. With your support, and working together, we can and will do a world of good.

Thank you again for your good wishes.

Bill Clinton