Samstag, Dezember 07, 2013


Monica: Wow! Don't you look nice?!

Phoebe: Yes, I do! Today is Mike and my one-year anniversary. 

Rachel: OH! What's it the anniversary of? Your first date, your first kiss, first time you had sex... 

Phoebe: YEAH! 

Chandler: So you must be going to somewhere fancy to celebrate? 

Phoebe: Uh-uh. Ehm, a Knicks game. 

Joey: Uhm... Aren't you a little overdressed? 

Phoebe: Hey, you know what, I've never had a one-year anniversary before, so no matter where we go, I'm wearing something fancy pants, and... I'm gonna put on my finest jewelry and we're gonna have sex in a public rest room. 

Monica: You guys do that? Chandler won't even have sex in our bathroom! 

Chandler: That's where people make number two!!