Sonntag, Juli 10, 2016

Why do the USA respond to social problems by means of the criminal justice system?

Der preisgekrönte afro-amerikanische Intellektuelle Ta-Nehisi Coates reflektiert im ATLANTIC über die sich häufenden Fälle, in denen weiße Polizisten farbige "Verdächtige" erschießen.
"There is a tendency, when examining police shootings, to focus on tactics at the expense of strategy. One interrogates the actions of the officer in the moment trying to discern their mind-state. We ask ourselves, "Were they justified in shooting?" But, in this time of heightened concern around the policing, a more essential question might be, "Were we justified in sending them?" At some point, Americans decided that the best answer to every social ill lay in the power of the criminal-justice system. Vexing social problems—homelessness, drug use, the inability to support one's children, mental illness—are presently solved by sending in men and women who specialize in inspiring fear and ensuring compliance. Fear and compliance have their place, but it can't be every place. (...) 
Peel back the layers of most of the recent police shootings that have captured attention and you will find a broad societal problem that we have looked at, thrown our hands up, and said to the criminal-justice system, "You deal with this."
Ta-Nehisi Coates (Foto: John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation)