Donnerstag, Juli 07, 2016

Fan Mail: Chilly Gonzales

7th July, 2016

Dear Gonzo,

an hour ago I stepped out of the office of my doctor, when I saw you, headphones on, in front of the supermarket.
Unfortunately I was too cautious to approach you and thank you for your great music and tell you what a fantastic performer you are and how much me and my friends enjoy your concerts. So: thank you!

Just this morning I listened to your "solo album II" while I wrote a long letter to my mother. We are currently in a long conversation through a series of meetings, Skype talks, mails - on our family history.

Since I am on sick leave (the back: slipped disc) I have a lot of time to think: about my father, my elder brother (who are both dead) and my mother and the way we are connected and how the relationships affected and shaped me and the way I approach life  - wether these relationships actually took place as with my mother, were distant and interrupted as with my brother or were non-existent as with my father who "disappeared" after my parents got divorced.


Anyhoo, This morning I wrote again to my mother. And in the back I listened to your music. I have several of your albums on my phone: Ueber Alles, Solo Album I and II, Soft Power, Ivory Tower and the Rap/Orchestra Album The unspeakable. 


From day to day I change several artists, albums and songs in my phone from according to my mood. But your albums always stay on because I can turn to them anytime. No matter how I feel, I'll find a good song to capture that mood. 

Not only is that cool but I like the feeling, when scrolling through my playlist that I always come across your name and think "...there he is... There's Chilly..." - like an old neighbour who always been there, or the guy at the kiosk next door whom I see everyday and sometimes chat with. It's a good feeling of a familiar neighbourhood.

Unfortunately I was too shy to approach you and thank you, so I send you this mail, hoping it somehow finds its way to you.
Have a great day.