Sonntag, August 21, 2016


"America's Rejection of the Politics of Barack Obama"

portentous: unheilvoll, unheilverkündendvertiginous: schwindelerregend
insurgency: Aufruhr

But the two most dramatic and portentous campaigns of the year, Donald Trump’s vertiginous win and Bernie Sanders’s astonishing insurgency, both flew in the face of the Obama era’s premises.

redemptive: erlösend
"The Obama style had two pillars. He brought to apotheosis the American political tradition of redemptive constitutionalism."

pronounce: verkünden, ankündigen, erklären, aussprechen
"In one respect, Obama’s victory and inauguration unavoidably embodied a version of this idea: a black man speaking the constitutionally prescribed oath, as Lincoln had done, and invoking the Declaration of Independence, not to promise equality but to pronounce it."

deferential: ehrerbietig
"The Obama administration has been intensely deferential to the expertise of conventional authorities"

repudiate: ablehnen, verwerfen, zurückweisen
"a political rebellion against the Trans-Pacific Partnership drove even Hillary Clinton to repudiate it while campaigning."

insurgent: aufrührerisch
"The insurgent campaigns have insisted, in very different ways, that distributive conflicts remain inevitable in politics."

coalesce: verschmelzen
"At the same time, activists on the left and, especially, young people mobilized by police violence against black men coalesced in new movements."

upper echelon: Führungsetage
"a vast share of new growth in recent decades has gone to a tiny upper echelon of high-earners and to the already wealthy."

entangled: verwickelt, verwoben 
pregnant: bedeutungvoll
"It is the misfortune of the present to face these two prospects entangled in a single pregnant moment."