Montag, August 18, 2008


Die Vanity Fair (dieser Monat "The Style Issue") macht mit einer sehr gut geschriebenen Story über Bruni/Sarkozy auf, die von - wie immer - famosen Fotos von Annie Leibovitz begleitet sind.

"Throughout his life Nicolas Sarkozy has demonstrated that he cannot bear to be without a strong woman. “Of all our politicians, he is by far the most sentimental. He needs to love. He can’t live by himself,” declares Sarkozy’s respected biographer Catherine Nay, who published Un Pouvoir Nommé Désir (A Power Named Desire) in 2007. A former girlfriend of his told me, "He needs women to calm him." On his own, he tends to go to extremes. "Sarkozy is always over the top," says Nay. “He doesn’t do medium-size things. Whatever he does, he does all the way. If he hadn’t been like this, he wouldn’t be president. He either shocks or electroshocks people."