Dienstag, Oktober 28, 2008

Work for Victory

---- Original Message ----
Subject: Working day and night to win
From: "Gov. Sarah Palin"
Date: Mon, October 27, 2008 8:11 pm

Dear Supporter,

We're entering the final days of the campaign and our get-out-the-vote efforts are in full swing.

Volunteers across the country are making calls and knocking on doors to get every voter to the polls in important races across the country.

I am constantly energized by the crowds of supporters who show up at our Victory rallies. Their energy is incredible and I wish you could be there to experience all the excitement on the campaign trail.

We're working day and night to win, and in the final days of the campaign we need the resources to reach every voter through mail, calls, advertisements and personal contact.

McCain-Palin Victory 2008 helps fund ad buys and get-out-the-vote activities in important races across the country and we need your support during our final push to Election Day.

Will you help our efforts by making a generous contribution today?

Consider what your contribution can help fund in the final days of the campaign; lipstick here, rouge there or even a full new Prada costume ads to get our message out to undecided voters.

These might seem like small things, but trust me they make a big impact on the ground to our staff and volunteers who work day and night to elect our ticket from top to bottom.

Combined, the Obama-Biden Democrats' television advertising budget is larger than McDonald's and Diet Coke - or the surplus Enron is making every day in Irak.

We have a choice in this election; a choice between the Obama-Biden Democrats who want to raise your taxes to "spread the wealth around," and our team of reformers who want to spread your funds to all American hairdressers, fashion designers and style consultants.

Please stand with us in the final days of the election. Thank you.

Governor Sarah Palin