Montag, März 09, 2009

Hasty Climax

Ein schöner Artikel in der letzten VANITY FAIR über die langjährige Affaire von Marlene Dietrich und Joseph Kennedy:

"Marlene and Joe were both extraordinarily disciplined in their professional lives yet also shared a hedonistic streak. Each would have an impressive tally of lovers over the course of their lifetimes, though years of practice did not seem to help Kennedy’s technique, for Gloria Swanson reported that he was an unimaginative, if enthusiastic, lover. As she recounted in her autobiography, “He was like a roped horse, rough, arduous, racing to be free,” yet within minutes, his lovemaking was over with “a hasty climax.”

Interessant und pikant auch, dass Dietrich später, als sie eine "grandmother and past 60" war, JFK auf dessen Einladung hin im Weißen Haus besucht habe, wo dieser sie angebaggert habe und mit ihr auch duweisstschonwas, wobei auch er - wie sein Vater - sich auf "ecstatic three to six minutes" konzenrtierte:

"[...] her initial protest of “You know, Mr. President, I am not very young” soon gave way to “Don’t muss my hair. I’m performing.” After an “ecstatic three to six minutes,” Jack fell asleep. Marlene pulled herself together and, already running late and not wanting to just wander the halls, woke Jack. He rang for his valet, who was clearly “used to this sort of thing.” With a towel around his waist, the president led her to the small elevator across the hall from the bedroom and “shook her hand as if she were the Mayor of San Antonio,” but something else was on his mind."

“If I ask you a question, will you tell me the truth?” he inquired, according to Vidal. Marlene did not promise anything, but nodded in acquiescence.

“Did you ever go to bed with my old man?”

Knowing exactly what he wanted to hear, Marlene demurred. “He tried,” she responded after a brief pause, “but I never did.”

Jack was triumphant, exclaiming, “I always knew the son of a bitch was lying.”